when you try to act tuff n’ stuff

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out of the many music blogs that i read religiously, neongoldrecords, is by far the most “up-to-date”, hip and trendy with their taste in “cool listenings“. neongoldrecords is responsible for introducing me to great bands like:

  1. Passion Pit 
  2. Two Door Cinema Club
  3. Ellie Goulding
  4. The Golden Filter…etc

however, one of the most catchy and musically talented groups showcased on the blog has got to be: Giantess. having labeled themselves as ‘Healing & Easy Listening‘ on their myspace page (which i find clever/hilarious), Giantess proves to be different and catchy from the rest of the ‘game’. also, the fact that they “sound like: overworked synthesizers (also displayed on the page)”  leaves me loving the band even more. what’s going to attract people to the band’s distinct sound is the “pop-like” 80’s synthesizers and antsy drum beats/hand claps that will have your head nodding in deep self-gratification. the group remains currently “not that well-known” with a self-entitled EP already released all over the internet. yet,  plans of releasing another EP entitled ‘Deceptive Man‘ in early 2009,  is bound to make Giantess blow up. that this is the truth, y’all. 

+(below you’ll find a small added bonus for the holidays [since all of you are great dedicated readers] of my favorite remix to Passion Pit’sSleepyhead” featuring Giantess, ENJOYviaDANKVIBE)


holiday timez

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so for all of you readers out there that celebrate something like: hanukkah/christmas/kwanzaa/’thrumore’, the tri-annual celebration of the witches circle… i’d just like to know if any of this holiday business actually holds any meaning to you? i personally, have a great love for christmas since as a ‘wee babe’ my family has hosted a huge feast for my entire family. each year this feast allows for me to see the familiar faces that have ‘brought me up’ and have given hand to what i have become today (cool, intelligent, great-at-things, etc). it’s quality. but what  i want to know is what holiday’s like christmas means to other families? is it more about gifts for other families than actually coming together and spending time with one another? i think it’s extremely important to be with the ones you love as often as you can since the recent passing of someone close to me as well as a relative of a very close friend of mine has opened my eyes and brought me to a realization that life’s too short to be worried about things that shouldn’t matter but somehow still do. this gets me thinking. since its the holiday season, we should be more focused on enjoying one another than stupid materialistic things like: ipodz, hannah montanna cd’s, new cool leggings with diamond shaped stitching, those ‘kewl‘ new  jeans with rips in them from abercrombie, etc..you get my point. all in all, enjoy your holiday y’all. even if you do happen to practice that witchcraft business..god bless you all, happy holidays.

on the other hand, musically speaking, i’ve been mixing alot more on my set of turn tables (AKA ONE-N’-TWO‘s, if you’re cool enough) and a few days ago i took a train into NYC in search for some cool/hip and happening new musics. i picked up a few vinyls from this reallllly cool underground music store that you had to walk down 3 flights of stairs, confront a man named “bo” with an eyepatch, and knock on the front door 6 times to get into. group #1 of my discovery calls themselves LMFAO and have a track called “I’m In Miami Bitch” that i’m sure is bound to hit the club scene very soon (if it hasn’t already). it sounds similar to Kid Cudi’s “day n’ night” with clever hooks and hip hop beats, and is above all most definitely a catchy track. the other vinyl that really jumped out at me consisted of two songs by the french house duo The Youngsters. “Phoenix” and “Rock 2 The Bit” are the two upbeat and extremely fun songs featured on the vinyl that are sure to get you in the dancing mood. infact,  i highly suggest checking out these three tracks since they’re extremely hotttt right now. hopefully i can get them posted up here on DANKVIBE as soon as i get ahold of the mp3 files, myself. enjoy.

p.s. – for all of you people who continue to: check/read/talkabout/dreamabout/make love to DANKVIBE, thank you. you are all beautiful people for reading this and i can guarantee that you are ‘getting better’ (characteristcally speaking) each moment you spend time on this blog. stay up.

rest in peace

what’s next, world?

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what can we expect from the world (music wise) after these “electrowars” are over? many blogs have already determined that australia and all the kangaroos or whatever else they got there are in fact the winners of said ‘war’ yet what i, the creator of this amazing blog, want to know is: “who//what//when//where//and sometimes why” will be next to put out something ‘hip’ ‘trendy’ and above all ‘quality listening material’? or will it even be of this world? i mean come on do you really think that we are the only inhabitants of this universe? nah, stop kidding yourself. we aren’t. or will it be the scottish? how about the mexicans? who knows (if you know this information, e-mail me). see, i’m on a personal quest to discover what’s going to be big next because i like to stay on top of things that are cool and spread the wealth to other cool people like you out there who are deserving and need to be cooler/better/more cultured even(?). in any sense before my head explodes from gloating, below you will find 1 mp3 file containing music by Meursault which essentially is a combo of a ukulele, drumkit, awesome scottish vocals and whatever else you want in a ‘different sounding’ indie/electric song. as for the 2nd mp3 (i know, i’m generous…no need for thanks) a band named Hello Seahorse! also wields with them a very peculiar sound hailing from the lush lands of Mexico (does mexico have lush green lands? go figure) featuring a very relaxed bubbly synth bass-line with foot tapping drums in the back and a beautiful female voice speaking spanish to you via your computer speakers or headphones (or whatever else you use to hear things). enjoy.


cuz it don’t make a difference anyway

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i must admit that i feel kinda guilty for breaking my “post everyday” streak i had going (since believe it or not, i actually have a few dedicated readers… you guys are really cool for reading this, i just want to let you know that. it’s ALSO clear that you know what is good reading material AKA DANKVIBE). anyway, enough gloating for now (gonna keep this post short and sweet), to make up for my neglecting you the night before, i’m going to provide you with a pretty sickk song which i can gurantee not many people know about yet. this track is still indeed very hot and fresh out the oven. enjoy. keep reading. keep commenting. church

more readers?

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so it just so happens that there are actually a bunch of you out there on the internet who actually read my blog. this isn’t too much of a suprise to me however, considering it’s one of the more realistic/meaningful and interesting blogs on the internet available for people to read (so far DANKVIBE has not ALWAYS been about music as i originally thought it would be, i have yet to talk about fashion/whats hip//cool). what’s cool though is that it turns out there are enough people i don’t know who care enough to listen to me ramble about things that are meaningful/important to me. speaking of which, y’all remember the problem i had with that person/place/thing of mine (CAUTION: i use noun participles to describe people simply for anonymity, and out of my own sheer brilliance)? well it seems that my only commenter was in fact right: (CAUTION x2: meaningful message/lesson coming up..) talking about things was the best way to work ‘it’ out…especially if they mean enough to you in the first place to try and fix things. alright alright alright, enough of my own personal matters. i don’t wanna push away all of the few readers i have already with annoying personal problems since this isn’t just a journaling blog talking about meaningful things in my life. i do intend on spreading knowledge of what actually is cool out ‘there’ in hopes to improve your own personal image and make you feel better about yourself (if you ever did feel bad about your personal image prior to reading) since what i like is generally really cool in the first place. first off, if you haven’t heard//are deaf//live under-a-rock, electric music is where it’s at right now and there are quite a few bands that are making this genre of music thrive and continue to be the most legit type of music available (for easy illegal downloads too, might i add) at this very moment. i’m currently loving this song called Far Away which is one of Cut Copy’s new singles and was remixed by The Golden Filter. i think from now on i’ll keep you updated more often with good music… or i might not… because this thing (dankvibe) is still fairly young in it’s age so i haven’t completely decided what i plan on basing most/all/some of my posts on. we’ll see.

All in all, continue to read this amazing piece of internet journalism and tell others about it because it is what it is and that is high quality reading material.

if i had a band…i’d play free shows in open lots too

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so upon my daily reading of “hipsterrunoff” today, I stumbled upon a post dedicated to a band straight outta Portland OR cleverly named “Starfucker“. the website showcased two curious videos of the band playing in an open lot with various ‘pool party’ toys being tossed about in the background. it was also interesting to see that the band consisted of a guitarist/lead vocals a drummer/vocals and to my surprise a bassist who also happened to be a 2nd drummer for the band (which is awesome if you ask me). i highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t listened to them already. 

Also, incase you were wondering (which i know all of you interested readers out there were) my issue has yet to be resolved for the better with the person/place/thing i have been quarreling with, but i must say that humiliation and “putting one (deservingly)” in their place can really make you feel a wholeeee lot better about the situation. keep reading, keep commenting, stay up.

p.s i know that all of you out there have to be lovvvvving DANKVIBE, shit’s legit. church.

perhaps…not so guilty

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see, when people act impulsively they are 50% wrong most of the time for committing the act that they think is right (meaning that they should have either done ______ or not done _______ ). in my previous post, I decided that perhaps patching things up between the ‘person’ i’m having trouble with and myself would be the appropriate and mature thing to do. HOWEVER when that person/place/thing attempts to f*&k with you, it is also appropriate to take a different approach toward things like:


-embarrass (them)

-confront (them verbally/or otherwise)



In my case ladies and gentlemen (or whatever you are), I choose not too make that meaningful noo0oo000dle necklace nor do I choose to recreate one of my favorite childhood hobbies of finger painting (in order to ‘patch’ things up) but instead I choose one of the more aggressive strategic measurements listed above. this means war. stay tuned for outcome (?) in any case, continue to read DANKVIBE y’all cause I keep it real. you feel me?

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guilty as charged

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have you ever taken someone’s feelings less serious then you should have? I’ve been feeling a little guilty lately because I said a few things/ended a few things/closed some doors to some people when maybe I shouldn’t have. I’m personally a very impulsive person and I think it’s safe to say I share that quality collectively with most of my generation. We act without thinking, we act impulsively and in under-minding the circumstances of our actions we lose: important things/people/love/life/friends/pets/ipods/lunch/chapsticks because of it. If you were in my position, what would you do to ‘patch things up’

Perhaps I should go out and be mainstream/materialistic and buy that friend/person/thing of mine a nice gift to ‘fix things’ between us. Or make something from the heart like a nice noooodle necklace or a finger painting (that took approx. 10 minutes to create but counts for more meaning than anything else). god, things used to be so much easier when I was younger. I lived a meaningful life as a kid, why do great things like that have to change?


…comments are nice too

p.s – how great are sick days from school? answer: extremelygreat.

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why can’t i be popular?

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as we all know, there are a shit load of blogs out there directing you on what’s cool/what to listen to/how to dress etc. but what separates those sorts of blogs apart from its identical blog brother? Is it really relevant to create 10,000 blogs about the same thing? why is it that numerous blogs can be more popular than others when discussing the same sort of thing? why cant i be popular? should i be searching for popularity in the first place or just enjoy writing from the “heart” about necessary topics to in hopes improve you’re personal image and give to the world some memorable quotes and words of wisdom with each and every one of my gracious posts (to you, the reader). I mean it’s human nature to appreciate being liked by others, no?

Maybe I should stop searching for popularity at such a young age in my blog and earn the respect from others through meaningful posts. yeah. that’s what i think i’ll do. but in the meantime, if you are reading these, do tell your friends to make a stop at DANKVIBE. I would definitely appreciate/be more motivated to write for a larger audience of readers. 

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cool thangs

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alright, i figured i’d start off the blog by creating a reeaallllllly long list of things that I like so you can kinda get a sense of the things that I will soon write about (even though I can gurantee most of everything I talk about on this will be utterly random and entertaining). Anyway, I like a lot of cool things and if you’d like to improve yourself and your personal image you should try to like things like me:

music/electronic music/indie music/thrash/techno/bloghouse/the sound of things shattering/bird calls/awkward silences/hip clothing/ipods/dominoes flat-bread pizza/Macbooks/ur mom/intelligent conversations/pretty girls/hipsterrunoff.com/asian dj’s/flannel shirts/nike sneakers/cool people/winning free things (not including those internet scam things, those really suck ass and give my computer viruses)/being original/music blogzzz/comic books/drawing/cool art/learning from mistakes/getting better at things/funny things/life

What sort of thing is important to you? I think it’s important to find your on niche in life (whatever that may be) and become happy with the “kewl/cool” person that you are (?).