cool thangs

Posted in cool thangs by myles on December 7, 2008

alright, i figured i’d start off the blog by creating a reeaallllllly long list of things that I like so you can kinda get a sense of the things that I will soon write about (even though I can gurantee most of everything I talk about on this will be utterly random and entertaining). Anyway, I like a lot of cool things and if you’d like to improve yourself and your personal image you should try to like things like me:

music/electronic music/indie music/thrash/techno/bloghouse/the sound of things shattering/bird calls/awkward silences/hip clothing/ipods/dominoes flat-bread pizza/Macbooks/ur mom/intelligent conversations/pretty girls/hipsterrunoff.com/asian dj’s/flannel shirts/nike sneakers/cool people/winning free things (not including those internet scam things, those really suck ass and give my computer viruses)/being original/music blogzzz/comic books/drawing/cool art/learning from mistakes/getting better at things/funny things/life

What sort of thing is important to you? I think it’s important to find your on niche in life (whatever that may be) and become happy with the “kewl/cool” person that you are (?).


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