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Posted in Uncategorized by myles on December 7, 2008

welcome humans and whoever else finds this blog,

i realize that there are a butt-load of blogs out in cyberspace nowadays about “what’s cool”/”what sounds good”/”who to h8″/”who to <3” but i’d just like to let you (enter name here: _____ ) know that I choose to write for a general audience of “hip” people who want to know exactly what it takes to be a well-educated, well-liked and outstanding person in the lifestyle that many people are interested in today but can’t become since they are too “mainstream” (and also about whatever else I like/find interesting/want to discuss/feel will better your life as a reader). In reading this blog, you’ll learn to love the life that is alternative and “indie” and appreciate things that are not so mainstream like: teh GOS5IP GIRLZ/HANNAHH MONTANA/the JONA$ BR0Z etc. Cause everyone knows that sort of shit sucks anyhow. 

For my first post, I’d just like to congratulate you..the reader.. on finding/reading such a sick blog like this..let’s see where this goes y’all,



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  1. lolitastreetz said, on December 7, 2008 at 4:55 am

    bahhh luvz u & ur bl0g

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