why can’t i be popular?

Posted in Uncategorized by myles on December 7, 2008

as we all know, there are a shit load of blogs out there directing you on what’s cool/what to listen to/how to dress etc. but what separates those sorts of blogs apart from its identical blog brother? Is it really relevant to create 10,000 blogs about the same thing? why is it that numerous blogs can be more popular than others when discussing the same sort of thing? why cant i be popular? should i be searching for popularity in the first place or just enjoy writing from the “heart” about necessary topics to in hopes improve you’re personal image and give to the world some memorable quotes and words of wisdom with each and every one of my gracious posts (to you, the reader). I mean it’s human nature to appreciate being liked by others, no?

Maybe I should stop searching for popularity at such a young age in my blog and earn the respect from others through meaningful posts. yeah. that’s what i think i’ll do. but in the meantime, if you are reading these, do tell your friends to make a stop at DANKVIBE. I would definitely appreciate/be more motivated to write for a larger audience of readers. 

currently listening to: Solid Gold by the Golden Filter


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