perhaps…not so guilty

Posted in Uncategorized by myles on December 9, 2008

see, when people act impulsively they are 50% wrong most of the time for committing the act that they think is right (meaning that they should have either done ______ or not done _______ ). in my previous post, I decided that perhaps patching things up between the ‘person’ i’m having trouble with and myself would be the appropriate and mature thing to do. HOWEVER when that person/place/thing attempts to f*&k with you, it is also appropriate to take a different approach toward things like:


-embarrass (them)

-confront (them verbally/or otherwise)



In my case ladies and gentlemen (or whatever you are), I choose not too make that meaningful noo0oo000dle necklace nor do I choose to recreate one of my favorite childhood hobbies of finger painting (in order to ‘patch’ things up) but instead I choose one of the more aggressive strategic measurements listed above. this means war. stay tuned for outcome (?) in any case, continue to read DANKVIBE y’all cause I keep it real. you feel me?

currently listening to: Half In Love With Elizabeth by Mystery Jets


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  1. Marcie Mayjoy said, on December 9, 2008 at 3:37 am

    I think you should work things out with them, because I’m sure hurting them won’t be the right way to go. If you cared/care for that person, you wouldn’t choose one of the three you just listed. Make the right choice.

  2. Marcie said, on December 9, 2008 at 3:40 am

    Call them or talk to them, ruining that person won’t do anything, it will probably make thingz worse.
    If you cared/care for them you’ll do the right thing, which is none of the thingz you just listed.
    Fix thingz

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