if i had a band…i’d play free shows in open lots too

Posted in Uncategorized by myles on December 10, 2008

so upon my daily reading of “hipsterrunoff” today, I stumbled upon a post dedicated to a band straight outta Portland OR cleverly named “Starfucker“. the website showcased two curious videos of the band playing in an open lot with various ‘pool party’ toys being tossed about in the background. it was also interesting to see that the band consisted of a guitarist/lead vocals a drummer/vocals and to my surprise a bassist who also happened to be a 2nd drummer for the band (which is awesome if you ask me). i highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t listened to them already. 

Also, incase you were wondering (which i know all of you interested readers out there were) my issue has yet to be resolved for the better with the person/place/thing i have been quarreling with, but i must say that humiliation and “putting one (deservingly)” in their place can really make you feel a wholeeee lot better about the situation. keep reading, keep commenting, stay up.

p.s i know that all of you out there have to be lovvvvving DANKVIBE, shit’s legit. church.


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