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Posted in Uncategorized by myles on December 11, 2008

so it just so happens that there are actually a bunch of you out there on the internet who actually read my blog. this isn’t too much of a suprise to me however, considering it’s one of the more realistic/meaningful and interesting blogs on the internet available for people to read (so far DANKVIBE has not ALWAYS been about music as i originally thought it would be, i have yet to talk about fashion/whats hip//cool). what’s cool though is that it turns out there are enough people i don’t know who care enough to listen to me ramble about things that are meaningful/important to me. speaking of which, y’all remember the problem i had with that person/place/thing of mine (CAUTION: i use noun participles to describe people simply for anonymity, and out of my own sheer brilliance)? well it seems that my only commenter was in fact right: (CAUTION x2: meaningful message/lesson coming up..) talking about things was the best way to work ‘it’ out…especially if they mean enough to you in the first place to try and fix things. alright alright alright, enough of my own personal matters. i don’t wanna push away all of the few readers i have already with annoying personal problems since this isn’t just a journaling blog talking about meaningful things in my life. i do intend on spreading knowledge of what actually is cool out ‘there’ in hopes to improve your own personal image and make you feel better about yourself (if you ever did feel bad about your personal image prior to reading) since what i like is generally really cool in the first place. first off, if you haven’t heard//are deaf//live under-a-rock, electric music is where it’s at right now and there are quite a few bands that are making this genre of music thrive and continue to be the most legit type of music available (for easy illegal downloads too, might i add) at this very moment. i’m currently loving this song called Far Away which is one of Cut Copy’s new singles and was remixed by The Golden Filter. i think from now on i’ll keep you updated more often with good music… or i might not… because this thing (dankvibe) is still fairly young in it’s age so i haven’t completely decided what i plan on basing most/all/some of my posts on. we’ll see.

All in all, continue to read this amazing piece of internet journalism and tell others about it because it is what it is and that is high quality reading material.


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  1. Cali Sage said, on December 11, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    you know who this is…(if not search facebook haha)
    shits legit so far.
    good work my music/life/general cool loving bretheren.
    keep it up.
    ill keep readingg.

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