what’s next, world?

Posted in Uncategorized by myles on December 16, 2008

what can we expect from the world (music wise) after these “electrowars” are over? many blogs have already determined that australia and all the kangaroos or whatever else they got there are in fact the winners of said ‘war’ yet what i, the creator of this amazing blog, want to know is: “who//what//when//where//and sometimes why” will be next to put out something ‘hip’ ‘trendy’ and above all ‘quality listening material’? or will it even be of this world? i mean come on do you really think that we are the only inhabitants of this universe? nah, stop kidding yourself. we aren’t. or will it be the scottish? how about the mexicans? who knows (if you know this information, e-mail me). see, i’m on a personal quest to discover what’s going to be big next because i like to stay on top of things that are cool and spread the wealth to other cool people like you out there who are deserving and need to be cooler/better/more cultured even(?). in any sense before my head explodes from gloating, below you will find 1 mp3 file containing music by Meursault which essentially is a combo of a ukulele, drumkit, awesome scottish vocals and whatever else you want in a ‘different sounding’ indie/electric song. as for the 2nd mp3 (i know, i’m generous…no need for thanks) a band named Hello Seahorse! also wields with them a very peculiar sound hailing from the lush lands of Mexico (does mexico have lush green lands? go figure) featuring a very relaxed bubbly synth bass-line with foot tapping drums in the back and a beautiful female voice speaking spanish to you via your computer speakers or headphones (or whatever else you use to hear things). enjoy.


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  1. JOHAAAAANS said, on December 19, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    gr8 like awesome we got music, but definitely post more…regularly

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