holiday timez

Posted in Uncategorized by myles on December 23, 2008

so for all of you readers out there that celebrate something like: hanukkah/christmas/kwanzaa/’thrumore’, the tri-annual celebration of the witches circle… i’d just like to know if any of this holiday business actually holds any meaning to you? i personally, have a great love for christmas since as a ‘wee babe’ my family has hosted a huge feast for my entire family. each year this feast allows for me to see the familiar faces that have ‘brought me up’ and have given hand to what i have become today (cool, intelligent, great-at-things, etc). it’s quality. but what  i want to know is what holiday’s like christmas means to other families? is it more about gifts for other families than actually coming together and spending time with one another? i think it’s extremely important to be with the ones you love as often as you can since the recent passing of someone close to me as well as a relative of a very close friend of mine has opened my eyes and brought me to a realization that life’s too short to be worried about things that shouldn’t matter but somehow still do. this gets me thinking. since its the holiday season, we should be more focused on enjoying one another than stupid materialistic things like: ipodz, hannah montanna cd’s, new cool leggings with diamond shaped stitching, those ‘kewl‘ new  jeans with rips in them from abercrombie, etc..you get my point. all in all, enjoy your holiday y’all. even if you do happen to practice that witchcraft business..god bless you all, happy holidays.

on the other hand, musically speaking, i’ve been mixing alot more on my set of turn tables (AKA ONE-N’-TWO‘s, if you’re cool enough) and a few days ago i took a train into NYC in search for some cool/hip and happening new musics. i picked up a few vinyls from this reallllly cool underground music store that you had to walk down 3 flights of stairs, confront a man named “bo” with an eyepatch, and knock on the front door 6 times to get into. group #1 of my discovery calls themselves LMFAO and have a track called “I’m In Miami Bitch” that i’m sure is bound to hit the club scene very soon (if it hasn’t already). it sounds similar to Kid Cudi’s “day n’ night” with clever hooks and hip hop beats, and is above all most definitely a catchy track. the other vinyl that really jumped out at me consisted of two songs by the french house duo The Youngsters. “Phoenix” and “Rock 2 The Bit” are the two upbeat and extremely fun songs featured on the vinyl that are sure to get you in the dancing mood. infact,  i highly suggest checking out these three tracks since they’re extremely hotttt right now. hopefully i can get them posted up here on DANKVIBE as soon as i get ahold of the mp3 files, myself. enjoy.

p.s. – for all of you people who continue to: check/read/talkabout/dreamabout/make love to DANKVIBE, thank you. you are all beautiful people for reading this and i can guarantee that you are ‘getting better’ (characteristcally speaking) each moment you spend time on this blog. stay up.

rest in peace


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  1. Hipstergirl said, on December 23, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    LMFAO have been my myspace friends since ’07.
    ur a tad late to jump on their train.
    sorry kid.
    better luck next time.

  2. Hipstergirl said, on December 23, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    haha i forgot to put the rest…
    anyways, they are really good tho.
    and i thoroughly enjoy their tunes.
    they need to get more popz tho…
    hopefully by posting this little memo on da vibe,
    they will gain said popularityyy.
    keep em comin kiddd

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