all the weird kids know…

Posted in Uncategorized by myles on January 22, 2009

the month of january brings to me: a new year, a new president of the United States (this year, at least), a new semester to either kick ass/slack off in school, and a birthday. these 31 days provide a fresh n’ clean slate good for opportunities to do things differently than you had in the previous 12months of your life. so, it’s been a hot minute since i’ve posted on DANKVIBE and  i think that is mainly because i haven’t thought of anything meaningful to say thus far. sure i can provide my readers with some cool-ass music and a clever pun here or there, but i’m looking for more than that, i think. i try to keep this thing as ‘non-prepubescent13yearoldgirlwritinginherjournal’ as possible, but at the same time i would rather have a different-styled music blog than most other’s out there on the interweb with mere descriptions to go along with the songs posted. i’m looking to get you (the beautiful reader) thinking, dreaming, and hoping for whatever the hell reading this sparks off in your head. with that said, and although significantly late, i advise all of you reading this to make YOUR 2009 a “better-than-2008” kinda year. keep reading this blog cause i’ll surprise you with a post when you least expect it, and when you do, hopefully you’ll be glad you kept up with DANKVIBE.

so…all the weird kids know how to take it slow, eh? well that’s how Built By Snow apparently feels according to their single “All the Weird Kids Know” off the album MEGA, recently released. i heard this particular song a few months back and have wanted to post it on here ever since. after the australian disco-pop invasion recently,  this proves to be a refreshing dose of different sounding indie music that has been stuck in my head for too long now and it’s about time to spread the ‘wealth’ to all of you out there who don’t already know the great poppy sound of Built By Snow. enjoy.


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