wormed our way through distant earth

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old time favorites‘ has been the recent genre of choice regarding my music taste lately. and as if it were meant to happen the way it did while perusing my Itunes library on shuffle, i re-stumbled upon a purely raw and intoxicating group of musical genius that has set my world on fire for years but was recently forgotten. this band is At the Drive-In and remains one of my favorites of all time. early January 2001 marks the band’s breakup and it’s remains have since recollected and recycled into two bands known as Sparta (decent) and The Mars Volta (god-like). At the Drive-In has paved the way for just about all post-hardcore bands out there and it’s a shame that the group released so few albums while in action. however it’s safe to mention that basically all of their songs, put plainly, are super-clever, extremely heavy and just as ‘in-your-face’ as the next- now also keep in mind that i realize by introducing this chapter of my own personal taste in music, (and also the fact that this song isn’t new, hip, and certainly not trendy for any typical indie kid or human being for that matter) DANKVIBE‘s preconceived musical playlist was probably just flipped upside down, turned inside out and toughened up a little bit. 

all i have to say to that is:

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ocean comes alive… it’s alright, i’m here

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when all hope seemed lost and the sounds of cheesy 80’s synths and stuff became all too familiar, Throw Me The Statue released “Ship”. as if the saviour of a music genre to a culture of unlabeled human beings, hearing this track made me ask myself outloud “who said that indie music is dead“? don’t get me wrong- i like electro just as much as the typical hipster living in Union Square NY. but from time to time i feel it necessary to revisit the roots of my “indie” transformation and  listen to stuff like: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, The Mountain Goats, Band of Horses, The National, Rogue Wave, Bishop Allen… the list goes on. Throw Me The Statue, ironically one of the first indie bands i was introduced to, just recently released a track called “Ship“. keep in mind that the song isn’t nearly the greatest thing i’ve ever heard, but to continue being overdramatic, the fact that bands still confidently put out music that doesn’t involve a dj set or strange 18-bit technological sounds that remind you of your favorite video game system from the early 90’s having a heart-attack, leaves me with a re-energized sense of hope that indie music is not dead and probably won’t ever be dead so long as we choose it not to be. lemme dish it to you this way really quick, people need to get electric music out of their systems at one point or another due to it’s retro and exciting vibes before continuing to enjoy music like Throw Me The Statue‘s “Ship” and all of its dignified ‘buzzy, lo-fi indie pop sound’.         which happens to be just the way we like it. 


all that’s left for you is…

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looking for something different? are you tired yet of the synths and handbells that have rocked your world for the past few months? it’s nice to stray away from the norm sometimes, right? i think so. here at  DANKVIBE, we provide you, our gorgeous reader, with the freshest upcoming music that you probably couldn’t find otherwise and at very few other places. hah no but really- just recently i stumbled upon Delphic, the remnants of a band called Snowfight in the City Centre, hailing from England. Doubt“, the first track that I became familiar with by Delphic, certainly does justice to the innards of your ear upon listening yet holds enough punch to make you feel woozy with it’s dizzy/offbeat drum tempo. the songs also got a clever bassline, which is always a plus in my book (i.e: like a pretty-faced girl with a beautiful physique.mmm mm good). you see, Delphic’s almost too ‘heavy’ for the average indie kid but at the same time remains just raunchy enough to make your head nod in blissful agreement. 

P.S. I hope that all of you haven’t forgotten about DANKVIBE just yet, we’re still pumping out the usual tough beats from our stereo to yours for your personal enjoyment. 

Till next time: