moon safari

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Take a deep breath. Everything is relevant. 

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someone like you

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in my opinion- RAC makes great remixes. at the same time, it’s safe to conclude that Kings Of Leon also make great music. so as you can probably predict, the love child between the two titans would also sound great. in the case of “Use Somebody” originally written by Kings Of Leon and later remixed by RAC, this almost paradoxical theory proves entirely true. the mix is borderline ‘creepy-sounding’ but nearly comforting at the same time. it’s something you’d look to listen to after a bad break-up if you lived in a haunted house around the early 1900’s… i don’t know, just roll with it. enjoyDANKVIBE

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there is nothing we can’t do

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Dirty Projectors are dropping “Bitte Orca” on June 9th 2009* (something to note on your calendars, everybody) and there’s already buzz all around the internet about it’s extremely promising sound. till then check out the first single off the album called “Stillness is the Move” which sounds exactly as it’s titled- light as air melody backed by a steadfast drum beat that is sure to get your foot tapping without even thinking about it. 10 bucks says so, i’m willing to bet on it. DANKVIBE

against the test of time

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Gifted” was handed over to me from an extremely reliable source with a warning label stamped on the side saying: I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK OF THIS TRACK. and to be quite honest, neither do i. the beat is sick and Kanye West has some really heavy hooks on the track. Yup, that’s right everybody, for once he doesn’t sound like a daft punk robot confused about it’s sexuality. *keep in mind i’m not just another ignorant ‘hater’ hellbent on outwardly bashing his work* but at the same time i’m going to let you know that i haven’t liked anything Yeezy has put out since ‘Graduation’. Lykke LiSantogold and N.A.S.A are also on the track; which forces me to listen to it over and over again. all in all, i’m happy to hear Mr. West finally got his voice back. after that auto-tune phase of his [recently exploited in the latest South Park episode] i’ve sort of lost respect for his music but in the meantime i’ll be bumping this piece of ‘new meets old Yeezy’ until it’s #1 (after “Right Round” by Flo Rida and just above “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga) on the itunes’ top10 best songs of the month… which is probably sooner than i can finish proofreading this post. until then, tell me what you think about the track below and above all- enjoyDANKVIBE