take your time

Posted in Uncategorized by myles on June 18, 2009

i don’t know what the weather is like for you today but in NY there is nothing but puddles. beyond your doorstep is gloom and if not already sad for some reason, it’s certainly difficult to find overbearing happiness in a day like this. this is not meant to be an upsetting post but it is definitely one lacking emotion and energy. not because of any specific reason except that the picture outside tells me to stay inside and maybe listen to something that appropriately fits everything i can see outside my window. something relaxed and bluesy with a reassuring piano lick at the end that makes everything seem alright. something with a light drumbeat that keeps pushing on, slow and steady. not sure where to go with this…

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my only swerving

Posted in Uncategorized by myles on June 10, 2009

it’s summertime, everybody. give your mind the opportunity to rejuvenate itself and properly form logic again. the sun, being the kind spherical torch that it is, will beg you each morning to get out of bed as it peaks through your window shades with nothing but warm and welcoming rays of light. for the first time in months not everything feels rushed and when the sunshine comes a’knocking at yer window, be sure to greet it with a new positive mindset everyday. enjoyDANKVIBE

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