we’ve been waiting

Posted in Uncategorized by myles on July 2, 2009

feels like 24hours goes by faster and faster each day.  i think reality has finally lost it’s grip on time. sucks. i’ll  get by enjoying the rest of my summer without trying to blink much and i can only suggest the same sort of thing for you, i guess. does anyone even know how many more days till the next summer vacation? whatever. besides that, i feel like it’s been a while since i’ve actually analyzed one of the songs that i’ve put on here for you, so how about this y’all: Your Twenties wasn’t exactly my ‘cup of tea’ when i first heard their debut single ‘Caught Wheel’ earlier this year. it was sorta really cheesy and the sound quality sucked (gonna try to avoid being blunt here, bear with me on this one). six months later, after hearing their second single ‘Billionaires’, i feel like i’m listening to a new band with the same name that sounds nothing less than what ‘my cup of tea’ would sound like if it had lighter than air vocals and an ethereal guitar+bass feel good combination. a damn near perfect indie song, if you ask me. now i’ll tell you, i’m excited to hear what else the previous bassist/keyboardist of Metronomy current frontman of Your Twenties, Gabriel Stebbing, has to offer. you can expect to hear more about this extremely promising band in the future methinks. in the meantime, enjoyDANKVIBE


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