when sunshine comes around, will you still be with me?

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getting back into the swing of things, school’s in session and my brain is often elsewhere. i promise, i won’t neglect you anymore than i have already done in the past few months…i’m deeply sorry about that; so i’ll bring it back with a blockbuster. ever heard of Tim & Jean? a lot of people see a Passion Pit resemblance, probably because of their funked out synthesizers that sound like the soundtrack to the timeless board-game “Candy Land”. i say regardless of who they sound like, these two bros have proven to be all too good to not overly publicize them. i guess for now we’ll classify the duo as the distant cousin of Passion Pit who live on the slightly cooler side of town you’ve always questioned might be a better place to live. again, i just started real-life last week, bear with me on this. DANKVIBE


and you know it all went wrong

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home from miami, it’s always nice to relax. after talking with a friend about which direction music is heading, Modest Mouse came up in conversation and we both acknowledged for a little bit just how ill credited they are as artists for the great music that they produce. i think a lot about where my music is heading pretty often to eventually find comfort in reintroducing myself to bands like Modest Mouse. it may take a few listens, depending on your tolerance for ‘different-sounding music’ but King Rat is nothing less than a discombobulated work of art. the video was directed by Heath Ledger before passing and is brilliantly ironic and disturbing on purpose. enjoyDANKVIBE

and then it goes back

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it’s nearly 1pm and things are running a little late. already i can feel the sun starting to beat down on the back of my neck but i try not to let something like that faze me on a day like this. after all, one of the first acts was just entering stage right and i’m already pretty damn excited for what else is in store for today’s journey. i feel hip hop on a whole new level today at the Rock The Bells festival and discover K’naan for the first time who to say the least left my mind completely shredded after his set was done and over. in a nutshell- my dude is a rapper from East Africa with a whole new sound; dishing it out hard and heavy whether you are ready to embrace it or not. i think everyone in the crowd was impressed with his originality and even after 10 hours i had some difficulty shaking his performance off my conscience. “this is hip hop, baby” Common later shouts repeatedly and i’m reminded over and over just how raw one man’s rhymes can sound over a dj who drops the right beat at just the right time. flawlessDANKVIBE

we’ve been waiting

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feels like 24hours goes by faster and faster each day.  i think reality has finally lost it’s grip on time. sucks. i’ll  get by enjoying the rest of my summer without trying to blink much and i can only suggest the same sort of thing for you, i guess. does anyone even know how many more days till the next summer vacation? whatever. besides that, i feel like it’s been a while since i’ve actually analyzed one of the songs that i’ve put on here for you, so how about this y’all: Your Twenties wasn’t exactly my ‘cup of tea’ when i first heard their debut single ‘Caught Wheel’ earlier this year. it was sorta really cheesy and the sound quality sucked (gonna try to avoid being blunt here, bear with me on this one). six months later, after hearing their second single ‘Billionaires’, i feel like i’m listening to a new band with the same name that sounds nothing less than what ‘my cup of tea’ would sound like if it had lighter than air vocals and an ethereal guitar+bass feel good combination. a damn near perfect indie song, if you ask me. now i’ll tell you, i’m excited to hear what else the previous bassist/keyboardist of Metronomy current frontman of Your Twenties, Gabriel Stebbing, has to offer. you can expect to hear more about this extremely promising band in the future methinks. in the meantime, enjoyDANKVIBE

take your time

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i don’t know what the weather is like for you today but in NY there is nothing but puddles. beyond your doorstep is gloom and if not already sad for some reason, it’s certainly difficult to find overbearing happiness in a day like this. this is not meant to be an upsetting post but it is definitely one lacking emotion and energy. not because of any specific reason except that the picture outside tells me to stay inside and maybe listen to something that appropriately fits everything i can see outside my window. something relaxed and bluesy with a reassuring piano lick at the end that makes everything seem alright. something with a light drumbeat that keeps pushing on, slow and steady. not sure where to go with this…

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my only swerving

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it’s summertime, everybody. give your mind the opportunity to rejuvenate itself and properly form logic again. the sun, being the kind spherical torch that it is, will beg you each morning to get out of bed as it peaks through your window shades with nothing but warm and welcoming rays of light. for the first time in months not everything feels rushed and when the sunshine comes a’knocking at yer window, be sure to greet it with a new positive mindset everyday. enjoyDANKVIBE

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and the music in the house

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Prodigy is the absolute truth and that’s the bottom line. hailing from Essex, England the group goes all the way back to 1990 and has since then morphed into the influential electronic pioneers that they are today. dropping countless club-bangers like “Smack My Bitch Up”, which has gotta be one of the most jagged songs ever made, and “Breathe” which ironically almost stifles you while listening to it, ‘the Prod‘ has only shown signs of getting better with age… similar to wine for all you fancy connoisseurs* (see below for definition) out there. now it’s time for me to introduce to you the Prodigy‘s most recent work off their album Invaders Must Die’ called “Warrior’s Dance” which without question is probably one of the best techno songs this year. enjoyDANKVIBE

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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moon safari

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Take a deep breath. Everything is relevant. 

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someone like you

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in my opinion- RAC makes great remixes. at the same time, it’s safe to conclude that Kings Of Leon also make great music. so as you can probably predict, the love child between the two titans would also sound great. in the case of “Use Somebody” originally written by Kings Of Leon and later remixed by RAC, this almost paradoxical theory proves entirely true. the mix is borderline ‘creepy-sounding’ but nearly comforting at the same time. it’s something you’d look to listen to after a bad break-up if you lived in a haunted house around the early 1900’s… i don’t know, just roll with it. enjoyDANKVIBE

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there is nothing we can’t do

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Dirty Projectors are dropping “Bitte Orca” on June 9th 2009* (something to note on your calendars, everybody) and there’s already buzz all around the internet about it’s extremely promising sound. till then check out the first single off the album called “Stillness is the Move” which sounds exactly as it’s titled- light as air melody backed by a steadfast drum beat that is sure to get your foot tapping without even thinking about it. 10 bucks says so, i’m willing to bet on it. DANKVIBE