against the test of time

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Gifted” was handed over to me from an extremely reliable source with a warning label stamped on the side saying: I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK OF THIS TRACK. and to be quite honest, neither do i. the beat is sick and Kanye West has some really heavy hooks on the track. Yup, that’s right everybody, for once he doesn’t sound like a daft punk robot confused about it’s sexuality. *keep in mind i’m not just another ignorant ‘hater’ hellbent on outwardly bashing his work* but at the same time i’m going to let you know that i haven’t liked anything Yeezy has put out since ‘Graduation’. Lykke LiSantogold and N.A.S.A are also on the track; which forces me to listen to it over and over again. all in all, i’m happy to hear Mr. West finally got his voice back. after that auto-tune phase of his [recently exploited in the latest South Park episode] i’ve sort of lost respect for his music but in the meantime i’ll be bumping this piece of ‘new meets old Yeezy’ until it’s #1 (after “Right Round” by Flo Rida and just above “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga) on the itunes’ top10 best songs of the month… which is probably sooner than i can finish proofreading this post. until then, tell me what you think about the track below and above all- enjoyDANKVIBE



look at me, oh look at me

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as if leaked at just the right time; when bloggers and music entrepreneurs alike are recovering and returning home from their SXSW journey of discovery and finally getting back into the swing of things, Passion Pit releases the first single off of their new album “Manners”. funny, i remember watching a youtube video not too long ago which painted beautifully what it’s probably like to be alongside Passion Pit in the studio doing what they do best- experimenting with cool new sounds like using a children’s choir to sample into their songs (?). remind me to give the group 5 gold stars on account of good effort and major creativity. yeah. seeing them live this past February at the Bowery Ballroom was probably one of the coolest things thus far in my young and naive life, making them someone that i definitely look forward to seeing again. after this small taste of “Manners” [set to be released on May 19th, 2009] i can only imagine/look forward to the rest of the healthy plate Passion Pit is likely to dish out soon to you, me and everybody else. enjoyDANKVIBE

Captain Señor Mouse

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What’s that you see beyond the 7th galaxy?

Is that the ever-bright light?

Could this be all that there is to see?

As we move faster now,

It’s clear that I can finally see all things set before me.

The tempo has picked up now-

And this melody, once raw, has shown through so vibrantly.

All things seem a little clearer under this light,

There’s an indescribable sense of things now.

Oh how I wish you could see like me.


to further perplex your musical taste, take a dose of this and call me in the morning:

wormed our way through distant earth

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old time favorites‘ has been the recent genre of choice regarding my music taste lately. and as if it were meant to happen the way it did while perusing my Itunes library on shuffle, i re-stumbled upon a purely raw and intoxicating group of musical genius that has set my world on fire for years but was recently forgotten. this band is At the Drive-In and remains one of my favorites of all time. early January 2001 marks the band’s breakup and it’s remains have since recollected and recycled into two bands known as Sparta (decent) and The Mars Volta (god-like). At the Drive-In has paved the way for just about all post-hardcore bands out there and it’s a shame that the group released so few albums while in action. however it’s safe to mention that basically all of their songs, put plainly, are super-clever, extremely heavy and just as ‘in-your-face’ as the next- now also keep in mind that i realize by introducing this chapter of my own personal taste in music, (and also the fact that this song isn’t new, hip, and certainly not trendy for any typical indie kid or human being for that matter) DANKVIBE‘s preconceived musical playlist was probably just flipped upside down, turned inside out and toughened up a little bit. 

all i have to say to that is:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “At The Drive In – Pattern Against User“, posted with vodpod

ocean comes alive… it’s alright, i’m here

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when all hope seemed lost and the sounds of cheesy 80’s synths and stuff became all too familiar, Throw Me The Statue released “Ship”. as if the saviour of a music genre to a culture of unlabeled human beings, hearing this track made me ask myself outloud “who said that indie music is dead“? don’t get me wrong- i like electro just as much as the typical hipster living in Union Square NY. but from time to time i feel it necessary to revisit the roots of my “indie” transformation and  listen to stuff like: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, The Mountain Goats, Band of Horses, The National, Rogue Wave, Bishop Allen… the list goes on. Throw Me The Statue, ironically one of the first indie bands i was introduced to, just recently released a track called “Ship“. keep in mind that the song isn’t nearly the greatest thing i’ve ever heard, but to continue being overdramatic, the fact that bands still confidently put out music that doesn’t involve a dj set or strange 18-bit technological sounds that remind you of your favorite video game system from the early 90’s having a heart-attack, leaves me with a re-energized sense of hope that indie music is not dead and probably won’t ever be dead so long as we choose it not to be. lemme dish it to you this way really quick, people need to get electric music out of their systems at one point or another due to it’s retro and exciting vibes before continuing to enjoy music like Throw Me The Statue‘s “Ship” and all of its dignified ‘buzzy, lo-fi indie pop sound’.         which happens to be just the way we like it. 


all that’s left for you is…

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looking for something different? are you tired yet of the synths and handbells that have rocked your world for the past few months? it’s nice to stray away from the norm sometimes, right? i think so. here at  DANKVIBE, we provide you, our gorgeous reader, with the freshest upcoming music that you probably couldn’t find otherwise and at very few other places. hah no but really- just recently i stumbled upon Delphic, the remnants of a band called Snowfight in the City Centre, hailing from England. Doubt“, the first track that I became familiar with by Delphic, certainly does justice to the innards of your ear upon listening yet holds enough punch to make you feel woozy with it’s dizzy/offbeat drum tempo. the songs also got a clever bassline, which is always a plus in my book (i.e: like a pretty-faced girl with a beautiful physique.mmm mm good). you see, Delphic’s almost too ‘heavy’ for the average indie kid but at the same time remains just raunchy enough to make your head nod in blissful agreement. 

P.S. I hope that all of you haven’t forgotten about DANKVIBE just yet, we’re still pumping out the usual tough beats from our stereo to yours for your personal enjoyment. 

Till next time:

lets shake hands and say goodbye

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so, 2009. what do you plan on giving me? i expect great things from you, 2009… and no i don’t predict this to be the best year of my life, but at the same time i am looking for you to do for me some things that 2008 could never do. see, this is why i like you 2009, i have high hopes for us. i’m growing older, i’m getting wiser and i need for you, 2009, to provide me with opportunities that i couldn’t have possibly conquered/failed at/overlooked previously. this is why i like you 2009, i know and understand that you will challenge me. again, i’m not looking for a lot. i don’t want too much. but i expect something better than 2008. now that’s not to say that i didn’t enjoy 2008. it’s just that i know you’ll bring me good experiences and harsh/pleasant lessons that i couldn’t have dreamed of learning before now. oh, and thanks in advance for great remixes to the already amazing songs of 2008.

i look forward to talking to you again soon. 

enjoy. — DANKVIBE

all the weird kids know…

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the month of january brings to me: a new year, a new president of the United States (this year, at least), a new semester to either kick ass/slack off in school, and a birthday. these 31 days provide a fresh n’ clean slate good for opportunities to do things differently than you had in the previous 12months of your life. so, it’s been a hot minute since i’ve posted on DANKVIBE and  i think that is mainly because i haven’t thought of anything meaningful to say thus far. sure i can provide my readers with some cool-ass music and a clever pun here or there, but i’m looking for more than that, i think. i try to keep this thing as ‘non-prepubescent13yearoldgirlwritinginherjournal’ as possible, but at the same time i would rather have a different-styled music blog than most other’s out there on the interweb with mere descriptions to go along with the songs posted. i’m looking to get you (the beautiful reader) thinking, dreaming, and hoping for whatever the hell reading this sparks off in your head. with that said, and although significantly late, i advise all of you reading this to make YOUR 2009 a “better-than-2008” kinda year. keep reading this blog cause i’ll surprise you with a post when you least expect it, and when you do, hopefully you’ll be glad you kept up with DANKVIBE.

so…all the weird kids know how to take it slow, eh? well that’s how Built By Snow apparently feels according to their single “All the Weird Kids Know” off the album MEGA, recently released. i heard this particular song a few months back and have wanted to post it on here ever since. after the australian disco-pop invasion recently,  this proves to be a refreshing dose of different sounding indie music that has been stuck in my head for too long now and it’s about time to spread the ‘wealth’ to all of you out there who don’t already know the great poppy sound of Built By Snow. enjoy.

when you try to act tuff n’ stuff

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out of the many music blogs that i read religiously, neongoldrecords, is by far the most “up-to-date”, hip and trendy with their taste in “cool listenings“. neongoldrecords is responsible for introducing me to great bands like:

  1. Passion Pit 
  2. Two Door Cinema Club
  3. Ellie Goulding
  4. The Golden Filter…etc

however, one of the most catchy and musically talented groups showcased on the blog has got to be: Giantess. having labeled themselves as ‘Healing & Easy Listening‘ on their myspace page (which i find clever/hilarious), Giantess proves to be different and catchy from the rest of the ‘game’. also, the fact that they “sound like: overworked synthesizers (also displayed on the page)”  leaves me loving the band even more. what’s going to attract people to the band’s distinct sound is the “pop-like” 80’s synthesizers and antsy drum beats/hand claps that will have your head nodding in deep self-gratification. the group remains currently “not that well-known” with a self-entitled EP already released all over the internet. yet,  plans of releasing another EP entitled ‘Deceptive Man‘ in early 2009,  is bound to make Giantess blow up. that this is the truth, y’all. 

+(below you’ll find a small added bonus for the holidays [since all of you are great dedicated readers] of my favorite remix to Passion Pit’sSleepyhead” featuring Giantess, ENJOYviaDANKVIBE)

holiday timez

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so for all of you readers out there that celebrate something like: hanukkah/christmas/kwanzaa/’thrumore’, the tri-annual celebration of the witches circle… i’d just like to know if any of this holiday business actually holds any meaning to you? i personally, have a great love for christmas since as a ‘wee babe’ my family has hosted a huge feast for my entire family. each year this feast allows for me to see the familiar faces that have ‘brought me up’ and have given hand to what i have become today (cool, intelligent, great-at-things, etc). it’s quality. but what  i want to know is what holiday’s like christmas means to other families? is it more about gifts for other families than actually coming together and spending time with one another? i think it’s extremely important to be with the ones you love as often as you can since the recent passing of someone close to me as well as a relative of a very close friend of mine has opened my eyes and brought me to a realization that life’s too short to be worried about things that shouldn’t matter but somehow still do. this gets me thinking. since its the holiday season, we should be more focused on enjoying one another than stupid materialistic things like: ipodz, hannah montanna cd’s, new cool leggings with diamond shaped stitching, those ‘kewl‘ new  jeans with rips in them from abercrombie, etc..you get my point. all in all, enjoy your holiday y’all. even if you do happen to practice that witchcraft business..god bless you all, happy holidays.

on the other hand, musically speaking, i’ve been mixing alot more on my set of turn tables (AKA ONE-N’-TWO‘s, if you’re cool enough) and a few days ago i took a train into NYC in search for some cool/hip and happening new musics. i picked up a few vinyls from this reallllly cool underground music store that you had to walk down 3 flights of stairs, confront a man named “bo” with an eyepatch, and knock on the front door 6 times to get into. group #1 of my discovery calls themselves LMFAO and have a track called “I’m In Miami Bitch” that i’m sure is bound to hit the club scene very soon (if it hasn’t already). it sounds similar to Kid Cudi’s “day n’ night” with clever hooks and hip hop beats, and is above all most definitely a catchy track. the other vinyl that really jumped out at me consisted of two songs by the french house duo The Youngsters. “Phoenix” and “Rock 2 The Bit” are the two upbeat and extremely fun songs featured on the vinyl that are sure to get you in the dancing mood. infact,  i highly suggest checking out these three tracks since they’re extremely hotttt right now. hopefully i can get them posted up here on DANKVIBE as soon as i get ahold of the mp3 files, myself. enjoy.

p.s. – for all of you people who continue to: check/read/talkabout/dreamabout/make love to DANKVIBE, thank you. you are all beautiful people for reading this and i can guarantee that you are ‘getting better’ (characteristcally speaking) each moment you spend time on this blog. stay up.

rest in peace