and then it goes back

Posted in Uncategorized by myles on July 20, 2009

it’s nearly 1pm and things are running a little late. already i can feel the sun starting to beat down on the back of my neck but i try not to let something like that faze me on a day like this. after all, one of the first acts was just entering stage right and i’m already pretty damn excited for what else is in store for today’s journey. i feel hip hop on a whole new level today at the Rock The Bells festival and discover K’naan for the first time who to say the least left my mind completely shredded after his set was done and over. in a nutshell- my dude is a rapper from East Africa with a whole new sound; dishing it out hard and heavy whether you are ready to embrace it or not. i think everyone in the crowd was impressed with his originality and even after 10 hours i had some difficulty shaking his performance off my conscience. “this is hip hop, baby” Common later shouts repeatedly and i’m reminded over and over just how raw one man’s rhymes can sound over a dj who drops the right beat at just the right time. flawlessDANKVIBE