when sunshine comes around, will you still be with me?

Posted in Uncategorized by myles on September 13, 2009

getting back into the swing of things, school’s in session and my brain is often elsewhere. i promise, i won’t neglect you anymore than i have already done in the past few months…i’m deeply sorry about that; so i’ll bring it back with a blockbuster. ever heard of Tim & Jean? a lot of people see a Passion Pit resemblance, probably because of their funked out synthesizers that sound like the soundtrack to the timeless board-game “Candy Land”. i say regardless of who they sound like, these two bros have proven to be all too good to not overly publicize them. i guess for now we’ll classify the duo as the distant cousin of Passion Pit who live on the slightly cooler side of town you’ve always questioned might be a better place to live. again, i just started real-life last week, bear with me on this. DANKVIBE


look at me, oh look at me

Posted in Uncategorized by myles on March 31, 2009

as if leaked at just the right time; when bloggers and music entrepreneurs alike are recovering and returning home from their SXSW journey of discovery and finally getting back into the swing of things, Passion Pit releases the first single off of their new album “Manners”. funny, i remember watching a youtube video not too long ago which painted beautifully what it’s probably like to be alongside Passion Pit in the studio doing what they do best- experimenting with cool new sounds like using a children’s choir to sample into their songs (?). remind me to give the group 5 gold stars on account of good effort and major creativity. yeah. seeing them live this past February at the Bowery Ballroom was probably one of the coolest things thus far in my young and naive life, making them someone that i definitely look forward to seeing again. after this small taste of “Manners” [set to be released on May 19th, 2009] i can only imagine/look forward to the rest of the healthy plate Passion Pit is likely to dish out soon to you, me and everybody else. enjoyDANKVIBE

when you try to act tuff n’ stuff

Posted in Uncategorized by myles on December 25, 2008

out of the many music blogs that i read religiously, neongoldrecords, is by far the most “up-to-date”, hip and trendy with their taste in “cool listenings“. neongoldrecords is responsible for introducing me to great bands like:

  1. Passion Pit 
  2. Two Door Cinema Club
  3. Ellie Goulding
  4. The Golden Filter…etc

however, one of the most catchy and musically talented groups showcased on the blog has got to be: Giantess. having labeled themselves as ‘Healing & Easy Listening‘ on their myspace page (which i find clever/hilarious), Giantess proves to be different and catchy from the rest of the ‘game’. also, the fact that they “sound like: overworked synthesizers (also displayed on the page)”  leaves me loving the band even more. what’s going to attract people to the band’s distinct sound is the “pop-like” 80’s synthesizers and antsy drum beats/hand claps that will have your head nodding in deep self-gratification. the group remains currently “not that well-known” with a self-entitled EP already released all over the internet. yet,  plans of releasing another EP entitled ‘Deceptive Man‘ in early 2009,  is bound to make Giantess blow up. that this is the truth, y’all. 

+(below you’ll find a small added bonus for the holidays [since all of you are great dedicated readers] of my favorite remix to Passion Pit’sSleepyhead” featuring Giantess, ENJOYviaDANKVIBE)